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Let us do a full analysis on your brand and give you detailed feedback on how to protect your brand and grow your revenue across all online marketplaces today.

We'll Audit Your Brand - for FREE.

Let us do a full analysis on your brand and give you detailed feedback on how to protect your brand and grow your revenue across all online marketplaces today.
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We have over 25 years of specialized experience in supporting 40+ direct selling companies and generating over $200 million in Amazon sales. We specialize in the Direct Selling Channel, and offer performance-based solutions with guaranteed results.

Consider us your Partner for unparalleled expertise and a commitment to transforming Amazon into a winning strategy for both your company and distributor community.


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We Know the Challenges Direct Selling Companies Face Everyday...

Every day, your business might be quietly facing these challenges, even if you haven’t noticed them yet. They’re slowly chipping away at your brand, your profits, and your position in the market.

Imagine the excitement of a brand new distributor, ready to turn dreams into reality!

Who then gets a call from their first prospect asking why they can find the same products for cheaper on Amazon?  

That single moment, not only crushes their dreams, but erodes the very integrity of your opportunity.

Partner with Lacore Commerce today and let’s insure that moment will never happen for you and your community. 

Any of these sound familiar..?

Unauthorized Sellers
Eliminate unauthorized sales to protect your brand's integrity and secure your marketplace position
Selling Your Products Below Published Price
Safeguard your pricing strategy against undercutting to preserve your product's value and protect your opportunity.
Increased Support Complaints
Reduce customer and promoter complaints by proactively solving the problem.
Quality Issues & Counterfeit Products
Ensure product authenticity to maintain high-quality standards and customer trust
Revenue Loss
Implement strategies to prevent financial losses and bolster your bottom line
Brand Damage
Protect your brand's reputation from damage through vigilant brand management
Lost Trust & Integrity
Rebuild and maintain customer and distributor trust by protecting their opportunity
Comp Plan Manipulation
Safeguard compensation plans against manipulation to ensure fairness and integrity

Introducing BrandLock: Our Proprietary Solution for Amazon.

Four Pillars for Your Success:
Transforming Amazon Challenges into Opportunities

Our approach involves developing customized strategies that align with your unique business goals and Amazon's dynamic marketplace, ensuring a clear path to success that is in alignment with your distributor community.
We leverage proprietary software tools designed to optimize your Amazon presence, enable 24/7/365 monitoring, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
Our systems are designed to streamline every aspect of your Amazon operations, from inventory management to customer engagement, for a smooth and efficient business flow. We will actually save your internal team time and energy, while increasing sales.
We have a full time team of specialists across every role and function, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, dedicated to supporting every facet of your journey on Amazon and beyond.

We're a Performance-Based Agency and We Guarantee Your Results!

What we do - WORKS! In fact, we are so confident in our proprietary BrandLock system that we partner with brands on a performance basis - and Guarantee Results!
Case Studies

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Direct Selling News Reports:

The channel's largest and most trusted media source shines a spotlight on the Amazon problem...

Discover how Direct Selling News (DSN), the leading media source in the direct selling channel for over 25 years, addresses the pressing Amazon challenges faced by businesses today. This exclusive segment from their Direct Selling University (DSU) event shines a light on collaborative strategies and solutions across the industry. Dive into the insights and expertise shared by industry leaders, all aimed at overcoming the hurdles of selling on Amazon. Learn more about this pivotal discussion and join the conversation to empower your business.

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  • Control 100% of Product Buy Box
  • Grow Revenue through Advertising Strategy
  • Manage Negative Reviews
  • Performance Based, Results Guaranteed