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Let our team audit your brand and give you clear tips & tricks to protecting your brand and growing your revenue.
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Get Your Free Brand Audit

Let our team audit your brand and give you clear tips & tricks to protecting your brand and growing your revenue.
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Unlock your Amazon potential with Lacore Commerce.

Our 25+ years of specialized experience in supporting over 40 direct selling companies and managing $200+ million in Amazon sales sets us apart. We focus exclusively on direct selling channels, offering performance-based solutions with guaranteed results.

Partner with us for unparalleled expertise and a commitment to transforming your Amazon strategy into a robust profit center.


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We Know the Challenges Direct Selling Companies Face Everyday...

Every day, your business might be quietly facing these challenges, even if you haven’t noticed them yet. They’re slowly chipping away at your profits and your place in the market.

Imagine the excitement of a new distributor, ready to turn dreams into reality!

But soon, a harsh truth emerges – their hard work selling is undercut and their excitement diminished all from unauthorized sellers and cheaper prices.

Not only does this crush their dreams, but also erodes the integrity of your opportunity.

These Challenges Are Affecting Many Businesses & Brands Everyday!
Unauthorized Sellers & Sales
Eliminate unauthorized sales to protect your brand's integrity and secure your marketplace position
Price Undercutting Threatens Value
Safeguard your pricing strategy against undercutting to preserve your product's perceived value
Increased Support & Complaints
Reduce customer and promoter complaints with proactive support, enhancing satisfaction
Quality Issues & Counterfeit Products
Ensure product authenticity to maintain high-quality standards and customer trust
Loss of Revenue Harming Bottom Lines
Implement strategies to prevent financial losses and bolster your bottom line
Brand & Product Integrity Threats
Protect your brand's reputation from damage through vigilant brand management
Trust Erosion
Rebuild and maintain customer trust with consistent, transparent practices
Compensation Disruption
Safeguard compensation plans against manipulation to ensure fairness and integrity

Introducing BrandLock: Our Proprietary Solution for Amazon.

Four Pillars for Your Success:
Transforming Amazon Challenges into Opportunities

Our approach involves developing customized strategies that align with your unique business goals and Amazon's dynamic marketplace, ensuring a clear path to success.
Leveraging cutting-edge software tools, we optimize your Amazon presence, from pricing to product listings, enhancing efficiency and market responsiveness.
Our systems are designed to streamline every aspect of your Amazon operations, from inventory management to customer engagement, for a smooth and efficient business flow.
Our team of Amazon specialists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, dedicated to supporting every facet of your journey on Amazon, from strategy implementation to ongoing support.

We're a Performance-Based Agency and We Guarantee Your Results!

We know this works! In fact, we are so confident in our proprietary BrandLock system that we partner on a performance basis - meaning we only win when you win.
Our Proprietary Solutions

Reinventing the Way Your Brand uses Amazon

Compliance Management
Oversee MAP, pricing, and intellectual property, ensuring your brand remains protected while you focus on growth.
Brand Integrity
We maintain and align your brand's content, messaging, and values, ensuring an authentic representation.
Sales Augmentation
Through our advanced tools, we analyze consolidated data points to fuel your brand's revenue growth on Amazon.
Full Account Management
Our holistic service approach amplifies your Amazon presence, tailoring strategies to optimize your revenue.
Listing Enhancement
We optimize your listing with strategic keywords, quality images, and effective marketing tactics for increased visibility.
Brand Visibility Boost
Our techniques enhance product engagement on Amazon, leading to improved attention and conversions.
Precision Advertising
With smart ad budget allocation and strategies, we drive sales through result-driven advertising campaigns.
BrandLock Support
Continuous protection against counterfeits and unauthorized sellers, ensuring your brand's impeccable reputation.
Case Studies

See the Results of Brands just like Yours...


Tackling Amazon Challenges with DSN

Discover how Direct Selling News (DSN), the leading media source in the direct selling channel for over 25 years, addresses the pressing Amazon challenges faced by businesses today. This exclusive segment from their Direct Selling University (DSU) event shines a light on collaborative strategies and solutions across the industry. Dive into the insights and expertise shared by industry leaders, all aimed at overcoming the hurdles of selling on Amazon. Learn more about this pivotal discussion and join the conversation to empower your business.

Your Advantage with Lacore Commerce

Maximize your Amazon potential with Lacore Commerce. Experience guaranteed growth and streamlined success, all with expert support by your side.

Lacore Commerce
  • Own Your Own Amazon Store
  • Control 100% of Product Buy Box
  • Match Company Style Guide
  • Grow Revenue through Advertising Strategy
  • Manage Negative Reviews
  • Results 100% Guaranteed
  • Full ownership of Inventory from A-Z
  • No Middle Man
  • FBA & FBM Management

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